Words for Evil - Title
Words for Evil is a fast paced word game combined with a fantasy RPG.

It features everything you expect from an RPG, including combat, hero progression, loot and more, all built on top of word game mechanics.

The game is available on PC and Mac, as well as iPad.

Words for Evil
Words for Evil Words for Evil
Words for Evil Words for Evil
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• Full keyboard support - The game moves as fast as you can type

• Four separate word games - Battle monsters, unlock chests, defuse traps and cheat death

• 16 Heroes to unlock, each with their own skill sets

• Nearly 100 monsters to defeat

• 6 beautiful stages to discover and explore

• Deep combat system - Buffs, critical hits, armor, character attributes, disables, attack modifiers...

• Track your progress with the bestiary and stat pages

About Me

My name is Dylan Loney. I'm a designer by trade, but also do art and programming. I've worked on a few commercial projects before, along with lots of hobby work, but this is my first full indie game.

You can get in touch with me on Twitter, or check out my portfolio if you want to see more of what I do!